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Redefining Weight Loss – for busy women with demanding schedules! 

Are You Ready to Live in a Body You Love – With a Flat Belly, Clear Mind, and Enough Energy for Joyous Relationships and a Successful Career?

Many women are confused with all the mixed dieting messages and don’t know where to start. I mean really – who has time to sort it all out? We women are always on the go and are lucky to grab something on our way out the door.
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Believe me, I know what you’re 
going through! But, I’ve found the secret 
to lasting weight loss!
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Misti, Busy Professional and mom, OH

Before working with Tracey I struggled with emotional eating & self-loathing. After working with her I have been able to take a look at myself and realize I have to make these changes in my life for “me” and to feel happy and confident, so that I can achieve personal and professional success. I have been able to control my eating habits, and start a new lifestyle. When I look back, at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel it was the BEST decision because, I am finding the person that I lost somewhere along this journey. I highly recommend working with Tracey if you've struggled with motivation, confidence and self-image issues. I have known Tracey for 10 years and she is passionate about helping people!

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Here’s a little secret: If diets really worked, you’d be thin by now – the weight loss industry is making billions of dollars (which I contributed to before I discovered the real success to lasting weight loss). Think about this: there are more overweight people than ever before. 

It’s time to put an end to your weight loss woes and start living again! 

No more feeling embarrassed about your body, hiding from the camera, and not attending social events because of how you feel in your clothes! 

Imagine this instead:
  • You LOVE the way you look. You can wear anything you want and know you look great. 
  • No more cravings, depression, irritability or exhaustion. Your energy is high throughout the entire day. You feel GREAT. 
  • All those "problems" you've been putting up with? Well, they're gone too. No more headaches, stomach problems, sleeping problems, or anything else. You can't believe how wonderful you feel and you wonder why you've tolerated your health issues for so long.

The best part? You don't have to imagine - this can be your reality. I'm here to show you how!

First, I know, You’re NOT Lazy or Crazy 

I know I wasn’t! I was just confused with all the infomercials out there on how to lose weight, what to eat and how to stay motivated. Oh boy, in my desperation at times, I bought every magic pill and gadget that promised results. You too?  

Well, here’s the good news:

You are going to feel like your sexy, energetic confident self again – without starvation, deprivation and those terrible cravings! 

So You’re Ready for Permanent Weight Loss

What I discovered and will share with you is a “sustainable” lifestyle – not a “quick fix.” As you have probably figured out by now, those quick fixes just don’t work. 

How do I know it’s sustainable? Because I’ve been able to sustain my weight and energy for 8 years now – after fighting it for over 15 years!! (All while juggling a VERY full-time career and being a single mom of two). 

NO MORE “I’ll start tomorrow routine,” or “I’ll start over on Monday because I blew it!”

You are going to be free of worrying about what to eat and do to release the weight!

You are going to have more energy! 

Feel confident in your clothes!

Shop and buy the outfits that you want!

Have stronger, satisfying relationships!

So what are you waiting for? I want to help you get started right away in taking your body back - ONCE AND FOR ALL. To help you get started as soon as tomorrow morning, be sure to sign up for my Free Report at the top of this page: How to Ignite Your Metabolism Tomorrow Morning - plus 4 Fat Burning Breakfast Recipes

Perhaps you’ve tried starving yourself or spent hours at the gym with little or no results – which is frustrating! 

So you feel trapped feeling:
  • Uncomfortable in your clothes
  • Embarrassed of your body
  • Mood swings or energy dips throughout the day
  • Craving sweets and caffeine

In all your frustration of failed diets you may have even felt like giving up and thinking, “What’s the use – I’ll just buy a bigger size.” UGH!

Listen ladies, I get it! Been there, done that! You don’t deserve to feel trapped inside a body you don’t like.

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